Viral 'Screaming Sausage' Video Is Worth Watching Before Reaching For A Snag At The Footy

It’s grand final weekend and barbecues around the country are firing up for sausage sizzles but have you ever taken a moment to really *listen* to a sausage?

Turns out, they’ve been trying to tell us something this whole time -- and if you listen carefully you can hear their terrifying screams for help.

A YouTube video uploaded this week shows a man cooking a few sausages for lunch in his kitchen -- innocuous enough, right? It's been viewed a million times in just four days and we'll tell you why.

When the man begins moving the snags around on the stove and the blood curdling shrieking begins, with the sausages apparently screaming for their lives.

“My breakfast sausages begged for their lives this morning. Listen to their cries for mercy,” the poster wrote on Reddit.

If the comments on YouTube are anything to go by, it seems eating sausages will never truly be the same again.

“This is nightmare fuel,” wrote one commenter.

“Duuuuude is this what vegans were talking about all these years?!?” asked another.

“I actually feel genuine sorrow for these sausages,” someone solemnly added.

“I used to like sausages,” bemoaned one Youtube user.

If you listen to the video without watching the sausages, it truly sounds like a classroom of children in danger -- terrifying stuff.

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It’s not the first time screaming sausages have been uploaded on YouTube – but they’re now enjoying newfound popularity after the internet got on board with the incredible phenomena.

And to be quite honest -- despite the terrifying screams -- all this talk of sausages has got us wanting to head to the nearest Bunnings before the game today!

Featured Image: Getty Images.