Cheap Body Scrub Hack That Will Save Your Skin

How does a brilliant body scrub that will last you up to five months for $11 sound?

It has been almost 10 years since a friend showed me the best thing that has ever happened to my skin.

While speaking to another friend recently who was spending $5 on a single-use coffee scrub I decided to share with her the better, cheaper option.

Here it is:

Buy the cheapest ground coffee pack you can get your hands on, I usually go for 250g Caffe Aurora Ground Coffee from Wollies. Usually $5 (it's on special now at $3 so stock up!).

Grab the One Litre Redwin Sorbolene Mosituriser (With Vitamin E) from wherever you can get your hands on it. I get it  for $6 from Chemist Warehouse .

What now?

What I do is I take them into a shower with me, I combine a small scoop ground coffee with about 10 pumps of the cream and I apply it.

Personally I only apply the scrub after after I wash my body with body wash first.

I leave it on as I wash my hair and brush my teeth. My friend leaves it on and cleans her bathroom. You do you.

Then I wash it off. Hop out and my skin feels great and I smell like a cafe.

WARNING: It gets messy so prepare yourself for a quick bathtub/shower rinse.

For me a pack of coffee and a bottle of the cream last me around four-five months if I do it weekly.

That's it.  Enjoy.

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