Meghan Keeps Breaking Royal Fashion Rules, And We Love Her For It

"Member of royal family has legs" shock.

The Duchess of Sussex stepped out last night with hubby, Prince Harry, to see the musical Hamilton and... girl had her pins out!

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Meghan wore a short and sexy $520 Judith and Charles tuxedo dress to the West End gala event for Harry's charity Sentebale, and ignored a whole bunch of royal protocols at once -- because the royal family aren't meant to wear black on these occasions and dresses and skirts must generally be kept below the knee.

Quelle horreur!

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Megz also ignored ANOTHER royal rule by not wearing pantyhose -- apparently the Queen requires all royal women to cover their legs or wear nude stockings while in public.

And you know what? We are totally down with Meghan's rule breaking ways. We can't get enough of them.

No tights! Image: Getty

 It is not the first time Meghan has broken the rules, of course. The girl has form. She has previously stepped out without stockings, like all the time, (see the engagement photo above, for starters) and has broken many royal protocols in her relatively short relationship with Harry, by giving autographs and taking selfies with admirers. And who cares?

Signing things shocker! Image: Getty

She's also famously shown her shoulders  -- another no no for the royal family -- including pretty much at her own wedding, in that rule breaking Givenchy gown.

Dress drama! Image: Getty

After the wedding she continued her shoulder-showing -- first at the Trooping of the Colour parade, her first big royal event --  in an off-the-shoulder Carolina Herrara frock. The woman's a criminal!

Shoulders! Image: Getty

But it wasn't the first time someone close to Harry broke all the royal rules and didn't give a monkey's about it -- his late mother Princess Diana (herself the ultimate and original royal rule breaker) famously stepped out in a very similar tuxedo dress back in 1996.

The original rule breaker. Image: Getty

What a role model!

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Incidentally, it was the second time  the pair had seen Hamilton -- they previously saw the hit show during a night out around Valentine’s Day earlier this year, but this time they were guests of honor, alongside Hamilton creator and Tony winner Lin-Manuel Miranda. As well as seeing the show, the trio met the cast and crew on the stage of London’s Victoria Palace Theatre.

And we're sure everyone told Meghan how lovely she looked. Because she did. regardless of "The Rules".

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