Is This Dish The New Smashed Avo?

THIS is how you get into the housing market.

"Forget the smashed avo," we're told if we want to buy a house, these days, right? But who can resist the green, lushness of a ripe avo? Not us.

So we were only too happy to hear that a plate of smashed peas on toast is a far cheaper option. FAR CHEAPER.

Now we normally wouldn't run something from a press release, but this is a P.S.A... a PEA. S. A if you like...

Before you scoff and say, but peas aren't avocado -- well, durr. Just wait up. Masterchef Runner Up Ben Borsht is here to make you change your mind. He is, if you remember, the man who destroyed peas in the Masterchef final, but he's after redemption in a big way.

He's all about peas... on earth. Sorry, couldn't help ourselves.

“The truth is, about three in four Aussie households have peas in the freezer but we just aren’t sure how to use them beyond bangers, mash and mushy peas," the newly annointed Birds Eye spokesperson says. "They are a great alternative to avocado, something new, something different. I don't think a lot of people would think of peas for breakfast or brunch."

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But how to take the humble frozen pea and turn it into a feast fit for a jolly hipster on a Saturday morning brunch run?

"Include a nice thick slice of toasted sourdough, or a poached egg. Really anything to add a savoury note to the beautiful sweetness of peas, butter is a must!," says Ben. Cook your peas, roughly mash them, then add a squeeze of lemon and a pinch of salt and Bob's your pea-loving uncle.

His other tips for adding Pea-zazz to your, well, peas.

  • Adding mint and / or sautéed onions to jazz up the dish
  • Pro-tip: Sauté them first in butter before crushing
  • After cooking your peas, refresh in iced water to keep that vibrant colour an sweet flavor

More importantly, the difference in cost between the avo toast and a plate of peas is, well, significant. With an average price of $2.50 for an avocado right now compared to paying the same amount for three serves of peas -- you'll be in that new home in no time.