The Lipstick Brand Telling Trump To F** Off

This lipstick brand is putting its money where its mouth is, telling President Trump to f**K off for a good cause.

There is a beauty brand that is so pissed at President Donald Trump that it wants to make a change, one lipstick at a time.

Founded the night Donald Trump was sworn into Presidency, the zero bullshit beauty brand Lipslut is not shying away from controversy, with a strong anti Trump message and cheeky packaging -- and it's flying off the shelves.

Giving socially conscious makeup junkies a chance to do good while they look good has proven popular, with more than 10,000 of the liquid lipsticks sold within the first year.

The brand is doing more than just poking fun at the most talked-about President the United States has ever seen, with a minimum of 50% of the profits going directly to supporting civil rights organisations affected by the Trump administration.

Every time a lipstick is purchased customers can submit a vote to a range of charities and at the end of each campaign, the cause with the most votes is sent the donations.

Although the company usually donates 50%, some causes are enough to prompt them to go all out. It recently donated 100% of profits from the sales of the shade F**K Trump (a mid-tone nude pink, if you're interested) toward fundraising for families separated by Trump's zero tolerance immigration policy.

Previous profits have been donated to organisations that support sexual assault survivors, anti violence and other non profit organisations such as the Time's Up Legal Defense Fund, Black Lives matter and the American Civil Liberties Union.

The brand was created by beauty lover Katie Sones when she was a junior at  California's Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo University and she states on the website that the brand is meant to be a "middle finger to the current socio-political landscape," and inspire social activism.

Whether you agree with the business model or not,  it's certainly got people talking and opened the lines for a discussion on the direction our world is headed, and that's a pretty rare achievement, not least when it comes to makeup.

Founder Katie Scones. Image: Lipslut

Lipslut is also claiming the word "slut",  diminishing its impact as an insult toward women and has a very clear mission statement.

"To integrate philanthropy into everyday life while delivering quality cosmetics. Lipstick aims to promote feminism and self-expression."

The brand has big goals but is keeping it simple for now, offering just five shades on its website in order to keep business practices lean and focus on causing the biggest splash possible.

As of July the brand has generated over a quarter of a million US dollars in revenue and donated $80,000 of that to various charities. Not bad for a simple liquid lipstick...

The brand is currently limited to shipping within America but with the speedy growth of the brand, it won't be long until F**k Trump is gracing the lips of makeup lovers and feminists world wide.

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