Royal Family Slammed For Cost Of Another Wedding

Are their pricey processions a thing of the past?

Even the British government has had enough of the Royals and their extravagant weddings.

Here we go again. Image: Getty

With the news that Princess Eugenie's upcoming marriage to Jack Brooksbank is going to cost around £2m (around $3.5m) to the British taxpayer, understandably there have been some rumblings about the expense.

And now they're coming from the top.

The October nuptials were initially expected to cost around £750,000 (around $1.5m) and was set to be paid for by both the couple’s parents, but security costs have skyrocketed following the revelation that Eugenie wants an open carriage -- with the extra charges going to fund more police officers on overtime rates. So now it looks like Prince Andrew and the Brooksbanks will pay for the original amount... and poor old Britain will cover the rest.

In reaction, some members of parliament are speaking out, suggesting that Eugenie's wedding really isn't that big of a deal and doesn't warrant anyone but the royals forking out.

And they have a point.

In an interview with Sky News in the UK, Chris Williamson, an MP for Derby North, said: “There is no need to have such a glamorous event.

“Prince Andrew -- who is fabulously wealthy with an estimated worth of £65m -- should foot the bill himself."

Who’s heard of Princess Eugenie anyway? She carries no royal functions, no useful purpose to the public sphere and yet we’re having to spend this kind of money,” he continued.

And he's not the only one speaking out. Emma Dent Coad, a Labour MP for Kensington, which is where Eugenie and Mr Brooksbank live, also questioned the hefty bill and the security implications of a wedding like this.

“In these times of heightened security risks it is irresponsible for a minor member of the royal family to have a high profile, very public wedding,” she said. “This may be the time to review the role and cost of minor royals.”

A source allegedly also told The Daily Mirror newspaper that the royals themselves are overestimating the popularity of Eugenie and her sister: “The Duke of York has insisted his daughter’s wedding must be a huge occasion to be remembered and wants everyone to get on board to celebrate the happy couple.”

Of course, whatever the cost, this will be another A-list event when it comes to the guest list.

Is Cara putting her hand up to cover the cost of the event? Image: Getty

Eugenie and Jack, 32, who is UK representative for George Clooney’s tequila brand Casamigos, have invited 300 guests, including dozens of celebrities such as George and his wife Amal, model Cara Delevingne, actress Suki Waterhouse and supermodels Kate Moss and Cindy Crawford. James Blunt and royal fave Ellie Goulding are also tipped to walk the aisles, along with pop star Robbie Williams and wife Ayda Field, whose daughter Theodora Rose is said to be one of the flower girls.

Eugenie's sister Princess Beatrice will be maid of honour and Prince William’s children George, five, and Charlotte, three, are expected to be a page boy and flower girl. 1200 members of the public are also invited to attend.

These don't look bothered. Image: Getty

For her part, Eugenie is ninth in line to the throne and works a day job, unlike other royals, and she takes on far less of the royal engagements that William, Kate, Harry, and Meghan do. In fact, this costly controversy comes shortly after the princess said in a TV interview that she wanted to be seen as “real”.

Hmm, we can only think maybe she meant real expensive.

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