Planning A Wedding? Here's What Your Guests Want

Turns out it's not your speeches.

American Express recently did a survey about it (not your wedding, silly, weddings in general), and what they found is quite interesting.

You see -- people love weddings, but they care very little for the speeches or the goody bags you spend hours agonising over!

The most important thing to guests, it seems, is knowing other guests there -- paaaaaarty! -- so maybe it's time to say goodbye to that horrendous singles table. 

44% of survey participants in fact, said that makes a wedding for them. 

Forget about goodie bags or gifts for your guests while you're at it, they don't rate at all (only 5 percent said they were important) .

Dont bother. Image: Getty

No one cares if they're there or not -- so save yourself the hassle of handwriting on all those candles you've lovingly poured yourself, and concentrate on the seating chart instead.

Other things that don't seem to matter -- relief all  round -- only ten percent of people said that the speeches were important to them. Which is good news to all the public-speaking hating brides, grooms, fathers, mothers and best men out there.

Being able to bring children also only scored 10 percent, being able to bring a plus one, 13 percent, and meeting new people (also 13 percent). So if you can't afford to let everyone bring their partners, good news -- they don't care! And with the average cost of a wedding in Australia now $65,482 according to a survey run by Bride to Be magazine, every little bit may help, right?

What does matter? Something you can't really guarantee -- the weather. 42 percent said good weather was important to their enjoyment of your big day. No pressure or anything.

Next, their closeness to the bride/groom (41 percent ), the venue (38 percent) and then, somewhat surprisingly, the catering with a relatively low 37 percent. (To us, the food is kind of 100 percent, right, but maybe that says more about us.)

I guess what this all says is this -- don't spend too long worrying about getting hitched, and just enjoy the day. As long as it's sunny and you all have some nice food, everyone will be happy.

And love, yes love is important too.

Feature Image: Getty