Someone's Pranking Travellers In The Best Way

Socket to the man.

It really is the perfect crime -- hurts no one, drives everyone mad, is hilarious and infuriating in equal measure, really what's not to love?

Someone has been putting up these amazing fake power socket stickers in airports and then sitting back and waiting for people to try and use them.

Oh the hilarity.

Like seriously.

I mean, who doesn't head for a power point as soon as they get to an airport, just to charge that phone/ tablet/ laptop for the journey ahead? So finding that your socket is in fact just a sticker is harsh, to say the least.

In videos uploaded to Twitter, unsuspecting passengers can be seen trying to slot their chargers into the socket, only to realise a moment too late that the plugs are stuck on. And people are Tweeting their anger -- much to everyone else's amusement.

Who is responsible for this heinous crime against humanity? Well no one really knows, though a Twitter user by the handle @JustBasicDave claims that he pulled off the prank last year -- and there does seem to be a rich history of the actual practical joke dating back to, ooh, 2015.

If you want to be as mean as Dave or his predecessors, you  can actually buy the stickers on Amazon (though of course you'd need to be in the US airports to reap the rewards).

Genius. We salute you. Unless you catch us out, and then we won't be laughing.

Feature Image: Twitter