He shared the brand's motto too.

Talentless is an homage to the new wave of creators, innovators, and influencers who’ve made a name for themselves by going against the conventions of what it means to be “Talented.” -Lord Disick
Which is basically nonsense but also, well genius.
Image: Talentless

The range, which includes T-shirts ($58US), hoodies ($148US), and baseball hats ($50US) can in fact be shipped here to Australia (ten daily have confirmed with the TALENTLESS team), so Aussies can also dress like the Lord.

Image: Talentless

While some may say this is just another grab for money from a man who is, as writer Carrie Batten called him in GQ "the one without any skills in a family of people who are famous for not really having any skills” we are sure there are plenty of people who will snap up a Disick design. We can just see Kourt in that hat...

Feature image: Instagram/Letthelordbewithyou