Feeling Cold Boo? Here's A Jumper That Won't Help At All

What is wrong with fashion people?

In the latest chapter of Fashion That Surely No One Would Wear, comes this sorry excuse for a jumper from Maison Margiela.

Image: SSense.

The French fashion house is giving us everything we need for these cold winter nights-- except coverage!

It comes hot (or not) on the heels of the designer label's version of a white shirt (again with very little to it)  and is being sold as, well, THIS:

Image: SSense

"Long sleeve rib knit wool sweater in black. Cut-outs throughout. V-neck collar featuring signature white stitching at back. Tonal stitching."

Tonal stitching? What is the stitching FOR? Holding the air in place?

This outline of an actual jumper can be yours for the not so incomplete price of $1266. And yes. we're sure someone will buy it. You can get it here.

Maison Margiela are famous for their innovative designs and for boundary-pushing when it comes to clothing -- the brand are known for their take on sneakers and for making a belt from an iPhone charger -- but this fabric-less fashion is maybe one step too far? Or not. Maybe we're just not cool enough to get it.

Whatever... it sure gives new meaning to the phrase "skeleton in the closet".

Thank you, we'll be here all week.

Feature image: SSense