Three Genius Hacks To Stop Your Avocado Going Off

The best way to 'ave an avo that looks as good as it tastes...

It truly is the most millennial of meals -- avocado on toast has started more memes and conversations than any other food heroes (think Salt Bae for starters).

Salt Bae. Not avocado on toast. Image: Getty

And while avocados are pretty cheap right now, there are times during the year when you may pay upwards of $5 a pop to "'ave an avo"... so  ways to keep them pristine and green are important. Amiright?

But all of those old wives' tales about how to keep them from going brown are simply that, old wives tales.  Forget keeping them in water, brushing them with lemon juice, putting them in a bag with onion or keeping the stone in... according to the avocado-obsessed souls at MindBodyGreen, there are 3 foolproof ways to save your avos from the bin. They are:

Store your avocados in the fridge

According to the site, if you put all your hard avocados in the fridge as soon as you buy them, you then just need a system for pulling them out. Three days is optimum ripening time from rock hard to guac-ready, so you need to be organised when it comes to menus. Or just have an avocado every day and blow the mortgage, moneybags. The other bonus here is that the avocados last ages if they're in the fridge so you don't come home to a poor little avo shrivelled inside its own skin so often.

No our fridge doesn't look like this either. Image: Getty
Brush the cut avocado with oil

Rather than trying the lemon juice trick (or rather trying it and watching it fail) the writer at MindBodyGreen simply brushed the cut half with avocado oil (so smart, it's like stem cell therapy or something!) and put it in a container. She says, "I found that this method works best in the under-48-hour range, but it does a remarkable job of preserving the avocado's integrity of flavor and texture."  Perfect if you want your avocado on toast two days in a row.

Brush with oil. Avocado oil if you're fancy. Image: Getty
Freeze them

While you won't end up with an endless supply of perfect avocado pieces for toast purposes, freezing the flesh does mean you can still use it for smoothies or cheesecakes or icy poles or whatever else you want to make, and you don't have to pour your hard earned cash down the drain when you come home to find the five pack you bought on the weekend rotting in the fruit bowl, mocking you. Scoop out the flesh, they advise, before freezing it on baking paper until hard, then popping into a bag. Genius.

If you can freeze them, you can make these! Image: Getty

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