This Wedding Photo Is So Real It's Perfect

You may now pick up the bridesmaid...

Everyone's wedding photos are so perfectly curated and lovely, right? Not a hair out of place (unless you're Meghan Markle).

Also unless you happen to be this couple (below).

Kevin Kennedy Ryan shared the photo on Twitter earlier this week to mark his third wedding anniversary. It's since been liked over 60,000 times because, well, yes, the bridesmaid is on the floor! Needless to say, it's caused a lot of chatter.

One user asked Kevin how the photo came to be, and he  explained: "My sister fainted at the exact moment the judge says you may kiss the bride."

Others were blown away by the coincidental timing of the shot.

"It's a real split second photograph, a few seconds later we were all over her!" Kevin explained to worried followers wondering how Grace was.

And for those who are still worrying --  he also confirmed that she was "absolutely fine" after fainting as they said their "I dos", telling The Independent: "We got her back up, she was still a little wobbly so she remained sitting down for the rest of the ceremony with a cold glass of water. We restarted our first kiss and then everything was pretty normal for the rest of the evening."

When the couple's photographer, Sean Cook,  realised he'd captured the exact moment Grace fainted, he emailed the couple asking whether they wanted the picture included in their package, and it took a while for Ryan to work out what was wrong in the photo at all.

"When I opened the email from Sean, I didn't twig what was wrong with it," Ryan says. "I thought it was just a first kiss picture and he was asking if we were happy with it. I then clocked my sister's legs on the floor and started dying of laughter."

Little wonder the photo has since gone viral  -- with one man even calling it “the best wedding picture I’ve ever seen!”

And we tend to agree. Onya Grace!

Feature image: Kevin Kennedy Ryan / @seancookweddingsTwitter