Meet The Aussie Star Making It Big In Taiwanese Fashion

The star of 'Skyscraper' also has her own clothing line.

While the name Hannah Quinlivan isn't exactly a household one the way that say, Nicole Kidman or Cate Blanchett is, chances are you're going to be hearing a lot more of it soon.

You see,  24-year-old Hannah is an Australian-Taiwanese actress  who has just been feted for her role as Xia, the villain in the Rock’s latest movie Skyscraper. You may not have even realised the Australian connection but it's there -- her dad is an Aussie. She was born and raised in Taipei though, her mum is Taiwanese-Korean, and she's been busy in the Taiwanese entertainment world, where she’s starred in both television and movie roles, since she was 18.

She also happens to be a kick ass fashion designer who has just released a new fashion brand -- Jendes -- which is available online for Aussie fans who want to get involved. And why wouldn't you -- it's super cute.

The name comes from a blending of her Chinese name, Jen, and the word design (do you follow?)  and the line itself is all about casual  -- which is how she says she dresses during her downtime.

“I never want to look like I’m trying too hard,” she tells The Cut. “It’s inspired by my travels. There’s a lot of denim but also softer, more feminine dresses that showcase all sides of my personal style.”

Think oversized denim jackets and logo tees, shorts, cool body con seperates,  feminine frilled dresses and lots of stripes -- all priced affordably even with shipping.

Prices start at $40 US for a t shirt and the most expensive thing will only set you back $300 US -- you can check out the entire collection here to make a list.

Outside of all that, Hannah is married to Taiwanese pop singer Jay Chou and they have two young children together -- daughter Hathaway, three, and son Romeo, one.