Low Sugar Cadbury Chocolate: The Diet Coke Of Chocolate Is Coming

Apparently it is tasty AND low in sugar.

Cadbury is launching a Dairy Milk bar with 30 percent less sugar, a diet bar so to speak.

Brands across the globe have been hit hard with a healthier consumer base and incentives against junk food i.e the sugar tax which targets sugar levels in fizzy drinks -- for now.

The UK's sugar tax came into force on April 6, 2018.

Just last month Coca-Cola and Pepsi vowed to slash their use of sugar across their entire range of drinks by 20 per cent over the next seven years in a bid to tackle the country's obesity epidemic.

In the Australian market alone, Coca-Cola has reformulated 22 drinks since 2015 to contain less sugar.

So here we are and Cadbury has had scientists working around the clock to come up with a healthier solution.

Cadbury's Europe boss Glenn Caton  told The Sun scientists and  experts had worked for two years to come up with a tasty low sugar alternative.

It will be released in the UK market in summer, Ten Daily has asked Cadbury Australia if the low sugar bars are headed our way.

The Associate Director for Everyday Chocolate Paul Chatfield sadly confirmed there were no immediate plans to bring the low sugar chocolate to Australia.

“While we don’t currently have any plans to bring reduced sugar Cadbury Dairy Milk milk chocolate to Australia, we’re always looking at products from across our global portfolio that we think Australians will love and will meet the taste preferences of local Cadbury fans" Chatfield said.