There’s A Disposable Camera Trend Taking Over Instagram

Let the light leaks in...

Just like Timberland boots, Britney videos and Paris and Lindsay’s reignited feud, everything old is new again at some point.

And directly after Instagram started doing IGTV and everyone in the world had become obsessed with doing Instagram stories, photography apps have gone all retro on our asses once again... and the results are spectacular.

In that, of course, they’re not spectacular in the photography sense --  we're talking so retro that it’s harking back to a time when you had to peer through a tiny hole to take the photo, had no such thing as zoom (or Facetune), and had to wait for the photos to come back from the chemist -- you don't get anything that is going to Kardashian-filter you up the wazoo here.

But what you DO get is a real sense of time standing still and a throwback to ye olden days, when life was simple, cameras were disposable and... well excuse us a minute while we wipe the tears from our eyes.

So with that, it's welcome to the App store 1888 – a new filter app to take your photos back a level.  Released just  two days ago the app has already notched up over 20,000 downloads, with people calling it “iconic” among other things. Essentially it's a disposable camera app with light leaks et al and the makers tells Refinery29 that they hope the whole thing is far more authentic looking than previous camera apps. With 1888, the developers Lindsay Demeola and Daniel Greenberg say they hope to provide users with a more true-to-form film photography experience with colours more muted and light leaks less jarring than competitors. To use all the features available you do need to pay for the app, but hey, it's still cheaper than buying a throwaway camera, right?

And as for those competitors, this kind of app isn't exactly new but it seems we can’t get enough of retro looking photos  -- the Huji Cam app was release in September 2017 and apparently has been downloaded more than 16 million times since, with stars like Selena Gomez as fans.  The Kamon App is killing it with its simple retro styling, random light leaks and preset filters.

If none of them appeal (and we don't know why they wouldn't) who can forget Gudak, the original disposable film camera simulator in the App Store (this one actually makes you wait three days for the photos to come back -- so authentic!)

Below are three photos taken with three apps -- all of the lovely ten daily entertainment reporter Jess Lynch to help you decide which app you want to use first (all taken in a point and click scenario, no filters or wizardry).

1888 Jess.
Kamon Jess.
Huji Jess.

Feature Image: Getty