Survey Says... Women Prefer Shopping To Sex

For many, retail beats a romp, hands down.

A British survey has revealed some surprising statistics about women and sex. The survey, undertaken by You Magazine, even says that if women had to decide between a shopping spree and a roll in the hay, they'd pick the retail therapy errytime.

I'll have what she's having. Image: Getty

Wait up, what??

And it gets more fascinating. Asked if they would rather give up shopping or sex, 59 per cent of those surveyed chose sex, with only 41 per cent saying they could do without their retail therapy.

And when it came to a choice of sex or holidays,  75 per cent put sex second behind taking a break.

Do I make you horny, baby? Image: Getty

So yeah, seems women are more interested in shopping up a storm or heading to the beach than getting down and dirty.

Not that they don't want to get, ahem, familiar with the opposite sex.

They love a smooch, though. Image: Getty

The company that conducted the  survey, Research Now, interviewed 2,000 women, most of whom were in the 45-64 age bracket. And it turns out that what almost all these women like most when it comes to intimacy is kissing and cuddling. They said that those things were far more important to them than the act of sex itself.

Only 29 per cent of those surveyed believe that making love is more important than smooching and snuggling – although  31 per cent did admit that a bit more bed-time would strengthen their relationship. But almost half claimed they wouldn’t be too bothered if their sex life just petered out altogether.

You see, it turns out what these 45-64 year old women really want is love. They rate a close emotional bond with their partner as the most important thing ever. When interviewees were asked what they’d like to see improved in their relationships, the top response was more romance (44 per cent) followed by better communication and spending more time together.

That and some fly buys, by the sound of it.

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