Frequent Flyer Sophie Falkiner's Tips For Scoring An Upgrade

Plus, the Luxury Escapes co-host spills her in-flight beauty secrets.

Like most Aussies, Sophie Falkiner loves to travel, and she's been able to do a lot of it during her three seasons as co-host of TV series, Luxury Escapes. 

In this 13-part season alone, Sophie and her co-host Shane Jolley explore 22 destinations, from the bustling streets of Japan to the pristine shoreline of the Maldives, and the desert plains of Kenya -- all in the name of showcasing the world's best holidays, of course.

Sounds like a dream job, really, and the constant jetting about has meant that Sophie's been able to pick up a travel tip or three.

She revealed her handy holidaying hints -- including how to get that elusive upgrade -- to ten daily.

What's the one beauty product you always pack in your carry-on, and why?

"When it comes to beauty, I’d say a great face moisturiser is an essential for your carry-on. This will keep your skin hydrated and feeling fresh after a long flight when skin is often dried out.

Also never forget the essentials -- hand-sanitizer and tissues always come in handy, especially if you’re travelling with children. When you’re on holiday I’d say a nice lipstick is a beauty must, in addition to your suncream. Slip, slop, slap, guys!"

What's your long-haul in-flight ritual to arrive feeling fab?

"Well, I recently was lucky enough to fly in a Singapore Airlines suite, so in my dreams, that would be my ritual of choice. But of course, we can’t always be so lucky.

I drink plenty of water. I also always order the gluten-free meals so that I get my meal first and get more sleep time. I do love getting stuck into the in-flight entertainment in-between naps, too."

Any tips for scoring an upgrade?

"If you don’t ask you don’t get. If you’re travelling alone, I’d recommend just really politely ask a flight attendant, or even at check-in, if there might be any upgrade possibilities.

Another top tip is actually travelling with Luxury Escapes [the travel deals site that inspired the TV show] as it often gets the best rooms and the best of what’s on offer, making the whole experience really special."

What's your most epic travel story?

"There are so many it’s hard to pick, especially from this season of the show. I tried everything from golf to quad-biking and white water rafting.

My most rock-star moment has been flying in to the Annandale villas in New Zealand. I recently tried my first attempt at quad-biking and completely nailed it despite being really nervous.

However, the producers wanted to do a second take for the show. I had a bad feeling about it. It all went horribly wrong. It was a bit of a 'Bridget Jones' moment.

Aerial yoga and an amazing day club called Omnia in Bali were other incredible experiences -- I’ve been to Bali eight times but am always discovering more."

What's your most regrettable holiday purchase?

"I’m a bargain shopper, I hate paying full price. So I can honestly say I haven’t regretted anything! There is some artwork I bought, which I absolutely loved at the time, but am just not so keen on now."

What's the number one destination that should be on everyone's travel bucket list right now, and why?

"If you haven’t been, Fiji is an incredible place to visit and it’s really so close to Australia!

For something a bit further afield, and if you like unique experiences and culture, I’d suggest visiting Japan."

What are the must-see/must-do things once you're there?

"When visiting Fiji, I stayed in Royal Davui resort and the Namale Hotel -- both were breathtaking. Fiji’s beaches always blow me away and I do love to relax when I’m on holiday -- you’ll find me with a book on the beach if I’m not working.

If you’re after something a bit more adventurous I’d suggest exploring the incredible islands and snorkeling to see some of the most beautiful sights in the world."

Luxury Escapes airs 6.00 Saturdays on TEN and tenplay.

Feature image: Instagram/@sophiefalkiner.