Caramel M&M's Have Finally Been Released In Australia

No longer is Australia forgotten in the confectionery-race.

No longer must we watch as our American counterparts enjoy Caramel M&M's while we chew on a plain, disgusting chocolate M&M's.

The time is now ours my fellow Australians. It is our time to rise up and say yes, YES we are going to eat caramel M&M's.

While the flavour was launched in the U.S just over a year ago, Australia remained but a forgotten third (chocolate) cousin, twice removed.

No longer.

"We’ve had numerous Australians reach out to us and ask when they’ll see the product hit stores, and we’re happy to announce that the wait is over," M&M’S Marketing Manager Cathy Knight said.

Yes Cathy, that is correct, Australians don't take anything laying down when it comes to confectionery.

Australians, go forth and chew, chew those caramel M&M's and be proud of your achievements.