ASOS Releases Jumpsuit Tailored To Wheelchair Users

And it's got a big tick of approval from someone rather important.

ASOS -- everyone's go-to online fashion destination -- has released a multi-coloured, rain-proof jumpsuit that's designed with wheelchair users in mind, and it looks FAB.

The colourful all-in-one was designed with help from British Paralympian and BBC sports reporter Chloe Ball-Hopkins, who hit the brand up several months ago about their lack of accessible styles.

As Ball-Hopkins explained to one curious Twitter user, the jumpsuit has several features that make it user-friendly for those in wheelchairs. The jacket can be unzipped from the pants to make it easier to get on and off, and the hem is slightly longer at the back, which is more suited to a seated position.

Image: Twitter/@chloe_ballhopzy.

You can adjust the arm and leg cuffs and the whole thing is waterproof, perfect for unexpected rain. We haven't even talked about the gorgeous tie-dye inspired print.

Ball-Hopkins, who was born with Arthogryposis -- a condition that affected the growth of her hips and feet before she was born -- just received her very own jumpsuit in the mail and she clearly loves it.

Aussie ASOS users can buy their own for about $80.

Here are some other wonderful fashionistas working to make the style world a more inclusive place for everyone.

Izzy Keane

Keane and her BFF/sister Ailbhe run their brand, Izzy Wheels, which designs bright and bubbly covers for wheelchair wheels.

Lauren Wasser

LA-based model Wasser had both legs amputated after contracting Toxic Shock Syndrome, but that hasn't held her back from hitting the catwalk, the basketball court or raising awareness about tampon-related health risks.

Madeline Stuart

This Aussie is the world's first professional model with Down Syndrome, and has strutted her stuff at Paris, London and New York Fashion Week for the last five seasons. 

Dr. Denim

The clothing brand teamed up with Swedish designer and wheelchair user Louise Linderoth to create the 'Loui' jean, designed especially for the seated body position.

Jillian Mercado

Mercado is a model, creative, activist, and proud Latinx woman who uses a wheelchair because of her muscular dystrophy. You can catch her in the pages of major fashion magazines, at red carpet events and couture shows -- that's when she's not working out or chilling by the pool.

Alexandra Kutas

Ukrainian-born Kutas is a model and actor who uses a wheelchair because she was paralysed from the waist down at birth. When she's not posing for fashion tomes like Vogue, the 24-year-old is advising the mayor of her hometown on the accessibility of urban infrastructure for less-able people.

Feature image: Twitter/@chloe_ballhopzy and ASOS.