The Must-See OTT Looks From Paris Fashion Week

Pillows, feathers and cloven-toe boots are a mood.

Ah, Paris Fashion Week, every to-die-for-look that saunters down your catwalks brings us so much joy.

While we do so adore a sartorial win, we're not too shy to admit that we're also so here for the wild, the wonderful and the OMG-WTF-is-that-model-wearing moments -- who isn't?

Feed your need for the OTT with these, our top picks for the most extra looks from PFW's Haute Couture Fall-Winter 2018/2019 shows.

Bon appetit.

Maison Margiela
Image: Getty.

Baby, it's cold outside, so rug the heck up, and for goodness sake don't forget your kooky cloven-toed boots.

Image: Getty.

Tulle love this highlighter pink 'mullet' dress -- it's all business at the front, party at the back and we love it TBH. Also those feathered shoes are life.

Victor & Rolf
Image: Getty.

We call this look 'the Monday' -- it's perfect for when you don't want to leave the comfort of bed. It's ideal for the morning commute as well.

Alexandre Vauthier
Image: Getty.

Birds of a feather flock to this dress because they think it's also a bird, but you know what? Girl looks fab.

Maurizio Galante
Image: Getty.

This is giving us some strong FernGully vibes -- a film that was a cinematic masterpiece with a social conscience to boot -- so please continue on, you green goddess, you.

Image: Getty.

Saffron. Marigold. Traffic cone? We don't know proper colour names but this is a YES.

Image: Getty.

This is what happens when you try to choose a simple colour palette and then go 'you know what, I will not be trapped by this restrictive concept, I will have the rainbow' but then get a bit tired mid-way through and decide to call it a day.

Jean-Paul Gaultier
Image: Getty.

If Courtney Love changed her identity and became a flamenco dancer, this is a toned-down version of what she'd look like.

Image: Getty.

This is great because you could hide a whole heap of things behind this uber-high neckline, like wine and snacks.

Julien Fournie
Image: Getty.

For the bride who has everything but wants more -- if by more she means a giant flippin' skirt made of metres and metres of fabric. It's way extra but we wouldn't get married in anything else.

Image: Getty.

Okay so here we have a friend -- or a girlfriend?? -- for Edward Scissorhands, but sshhh don't tell his main lady Kim.

Iris Van Herpen
Image: Getty.

From the depths of the ocean comes this luminescent creature and we hope against hope David Attenborough was on hand to narrate this gorgeous organism's journey along the catwalk.

Galia Lahav
Image: Getty.

When you can't decide between pants, a skirt, t-shirt, gloves or bustier, for the love of fashion please just wear it all and look as fab as this babe. Bonus points are awarded for the 'And God created woman' tee.

Feature image: Getty.