Are Your Taste Buds Ready For The Durian McFlurry?

Something doesn't quite smell right ...

McDonald's is adding a Durian McFlurry to what is already a pretty lit menu in its Singapore stores, but not everyone is going bananas for the king of fruits and it's not for the reason you might think.

The fast food giant made the announcement on their Facebook page on July 1, giving fans of the odorous fruit -- some love it, others loathe it -- only days to prep their mouths and minds before the ~unusual~ new flavour hit counters on July 5.

This latest addition to the dessert offering is not without controversy, and -- surprise -- it's got nothing to do with the spiky fruit's pongy smell. Several hard-core durian eaters calling Macca's bluff on claims that the McFlurry includes genuine fruit puree.

Image: Facebook/mcdsg

Widely regarded as the 'king of fruits' in Southeast Asia, the spiky, smelly tree fruit can attract a pretty penny, especially fancy varietals like 'Musang King.' Meanwhile its odour packs such a punch that consumption is banned on public transport and places like hotels.

For the record, McDonalds claims their McFlurry contains the 'Sultan' or 'D24' variety which we hear isn't as baller as the Musang King, but still sounds rather spiffy -- hello, Sultan -- and for $4 we reckon it's a fair play.

Image: Facebook/mcdsg

It's not the first time the pongy fruit has popped up on Maccas' menu, with stores in Malaysia rolling out the Durian McFlurry in 2017, and didn't locals go nuts for it. In fact, it sold out in a matter of hours, forcing staff to scramble to re-stock their durian stash.

Whether you're on board the durian bandwagon or not, there's no denying that, as Maccas says, it’s "a truly a local flavour worth celebrating". Only time will tell if the new McFlurry passes the taste-test.

Feature image: Getty, Facebook/mcdsg