Upside Down Jeans Are The Latest Fashion Trend

But would you pay $500 for them?

There's no other garment as widely embraced, worn and loved the world over than the humble jeans.

But over the years, we've seen them get stretched, cut away and manipulated in ways that not only challenge fashion but also push the boundaries of ... well, functionality for the most part.

As if "crotchless" and "extreme cut" jeans -- which left very little to the imagination -- weren't enough, the latest reincarnation of the humble wardrobe staple has, yet again, turned fashion on its head -- LITERALLY.

Created by CIE Denim, the latest denim reincarnation is designed to look as though it's being worn upside down. The range comes in five unique pieces, and each has its own name. These include: the "Nancy", the "Will", the "Mike", the "El", and the "Lucas".

According to the brand's website, their unique point of difference is that every pair of CIE Denim is made from hand-selected vintage jeans that have been found in New York City.

"After selection the jeans are sorted, sized and deconstructed one by one in Manhattan's garment district. Every pair of CIE Denim is one of a kind. Colour and distressing will vary making each piece unique," the website stated.

CIE Denim creative director Kelcie Schofield, who founded the brand in 2017, told Business Insider that sustainability was also an important part of the design process.

(Left to right) The "Will", the "Mike" and the "Maxine". Image: CIE Denim.

Schofield said the purpose of making each piece out of recycled jeans was to "help reduce the massive waste left behind by the clothing industry".

"The upside-down concept was designed to have the familiarity of the classic denim jean we all know and love but with a modern twist," she added.

If you're wondering who the heck would pay for upside-down look, one person who seems to be embracing it is Refinery29's senior fashion market editor, Alyssa Coscarelli, who recently shared a pic of herself on Instagram wearing one of the brand's pieces.

In the snap, Coscarelli is wearing the "Nancy", the brand's signature inverted shorts, which retail for US $385  -- approximately A$500  -- and judging by the comments, many people seem to be excited by the look.

One person wrote, "Ok. Love the shorts. Getting them."

Another person said, "Gorgeous and lovely babe."

A third person added, "I don’t even know how I lived my life up to this point without these shorts!!!!!!!"

However, not everyone is convinced the upside-down look is a game changer.

"Can't get behind this trend," one person commented on Coscarelli's post.

Feature image: CIE Denim.