Facebook's Snooze Feature Is Your New Best Friend

Now you can block spoilers and annoying rants.

There's no denying Facebook has great appeal, but in recent years, it has started to lose popularity with its users -- for a number of reasons.

Whether it's your crazy-ass uncle who keeps posting political rants and conspiracy theories, an oversharing ex-partner, or stories containing spoilers from your favourite, there are plenty of reasons why you might be edging away from the social network.

Well, instead of avoiding the Facebook altogether -- and losing contact with what you love best about the platform, thankfully, you can now selectively choose or rather "snooze" what you don't want to see.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the social media giant has begun rolling out the feature aptly called "keyword snooze" to a percentage of its users.

Image: Facebook.

So how does it work?

Well, you just type in a keyword that's likely to appear within a post, such as "Roseanne" or "Pimple Popper", and anything containing that word will be blocked from your feed.

You can even block generic words such as “wedding” or “baby” if you want to cut down on all the photos in your feed.

And the good news is the feature isn't permanent -- lasting only 30 days --  but you can always choose to Snooze something again if you need to.

What is even better is no one knows you've done it, and after the snooze period is over everything goes back to normal -- so there's no additional tweaking that you need to worry about.

Image: Facebook.

Users will also be allowed to block stories from people, pages, and groups they don't "like" and this can be switched on in the news feed controls, which is located in a post's upper-right-hand menu.

To do this, click the three dots on the top right side of a post and then select the "snooze for 30 days" button from the drop-down menu.

The only reported downside to the feature is that it doesn't work on adds. So while you won't see stories that contain snoozed keywords, you'll continue to see the adds they generate -- sorry!

Speaking to TechCrunch, a Facebook spokesperson said that "ads belong to a separate team, a separate algorithm," so snoozing only works for organic content.

Image: Facebook.

That said, snooze is still a welcomed feature -- especially when your ex first gets into that new relationship, or to cover that period when your best mate keeps posting 100 baby pics a day.

The spokesperson also said snoozing isn’t currently being used for other content and ad targeting purposes -- so your privacy is safe.

"For now, the feature is being tested on a small percentage of users and will gradually roll out to a couple million users by next week," the spokesperson said.

Similarly to other news feed additional features, such as first, hide and unfollow, if snooze proves to be successful, the feature will continue to be rolled out to more users.

Feature image: Getty/Facebook.