Peter Alexander 'Boys Will Be Boys' Top Removed From Sale After Parent Complaint

And it's got people divided.

Australian sleepwear brand Peter Alexander has removed a boys' jumper from its latest collection after a concerned mother complained that the garment contained a "sexist comment".

Peter Alexander removed the top, which featured the slogan "Boys will be Boys" after Melbourne mother Bridie Harris spotted it in store before later making a complaint to the company on social media.

The top in question -- which has since been removed from sale. Image: Peter Alexander.

"Boys won't be boys. Boys will be held accountable for their actions," Harris posted on the store's Facebook account.

"I hate to see an Australian store, who makes such great [PJs], put such a sexist statement on a [t-shirt] intended for young boys. Excusing their behaviours is not a step in the right direction. It's 2018."

The company was quick to respond to Harris' concerns, saying that her feedback had been passed on to the production and design team.

Not long after, Peter Alexander posted a follow-up comment thanking the Melbourne mother and stating that they had decided to stop selling the garment, to which Harris replied, "Thank you so much".

"We do not tolerate the behaviour that is being associated with this slogan. In the light of your feedback, we have decided to withdraw this item from sale," the clothing company wrote.

Speaking to The Sydney Morning Herald, Harris said she was happy with the result because the phrase had the connotation that "men get away with stuff just because they are boys".

She added that she didn't want her daughter to be exposed to the underlying messages associated with the phrase.

"It gives [boys] an excuse for inappropriate behaviour. If a girl hurts someone or does something, you never hear someone that says girls will be girls," she said.

While the decision to remove the jumper was welcomed by Harris, not everyone shared her point of view, with some people taking to social media to share their opinions.

"Why is society trying to make both sexes fit into the same mould. Boys will be boys because they ARE boys," one person wrote.

Another person said, "Oh for heavens sake. Some people need to get a life."

"Australia-going backwards at an alarming pace," a third person added.

It's not only on social media where the topic is somewhat dividing people. Even on Studio 10 on Thursday, the co-hosts found that they had a difference of opinion.

"This has been taken as a 'boys will be boys if they grab you on the boob then that's OK 'cos they're just boys' -- but it's not," Georgia Love said. "I believe it means boys will be boys, you know, they'll roll around in the dirt."

Angela Bishop added, "I think there are bigger issues in the world that we should be worrying about, because boys will be boys."

Denise Scott said while people think the phrase doesn't convey a negative message, in this day and age, it really does.

"When I was a school teacher, it used to really annoy me that boys were allowed to be boys and muck around in class and get a lot of attention for it, and girls didn't get the same thing," Scott said.

Feature image: Peter Alexander.