Jennifer Aniston's Latest Beauty Hack Looks Weird, But It Works

Er, Jen ... there's something on your face.

The divinity that is Jennifer Aniston -- she of shiny hair, glowing skin and general agelessness -- has blessed us not with another stunning red carpet pic, but a beauty tip.

No, it's not a fancy-schmancy thing that only celebrities can afford -- or stomach, as was the case with Sandra Bullock's controversial foreskin facial. Ew.

Rest assured, Aniston's beauty hack -- shared via her makeup artist Jillian Dempsey -- is totally not gross, expensive, or difficult. It looks rather funny but it'll make your lippy last much MUCH longer.

All you need is a sheet of rice paper -- also known as blotting paper -- which you press against your pout after applying lipstick just like Aniston in Dempsey's Insta snap.

As Dempsey explains in an Instagram story, the super-absorbent paper will soak up excess product, thereby avoiding the dreaded 'bleeding' effect. You know, where your lippy edges beyond your natural lip line. Eek.

This handy hack will also "mattify the colour" and "create a stain look" so says the makeup artist to the stars. Double yay.

It seems that Dempsey -- yes, she's married to Patrick "McDreamy" Dempsey -- is a long-time fan of this cheap-yet-effective beauty hack. And this lady knows what's she's on about, after all she tends to the faces of J.Law, K.Stew and Kiki Dunst.

So go on, pucker up and rest assured your pout will be perfect from dawn to dusk. Just don't forget to blot first -- here are some of our blotting paper picks. Mwah!


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Feature image: Instagram/@jilliandempsey