Heck Yeah, 102-Year-Old Eva Lewis Went Indoor Skydiving For Her Birthday

It's her party and she'll defy gravity if she wants to.

How did you celebrate your most recent birthday? We're pretty sure Eva Lewis, of Hertfordshire, UK, did her's better. Much better.

The sprightly great-grandmother ushered in her 102nd year with an indoor skydive.

The daredevil pensioner -- who was born during the first World War -- donned overalls and a helmet before being whooshed into the air in a wind tunnel.

Ms Lewis felt the force of 177 kilometre per hour gusts and couldn't wipe the smile off her face the entire time.

This gran defies age -- and gravity. Image: Evening Standard.

The special day was a family affair, with three generations of Ms Lewis' brood -- that's her son Graham Lewis, 75, granddaughters Dawn Lewis, 47, and Sally Clarke, 44, and her great-grandson Felix Lewis, 9 -- turning out to cheer her on.

It seems the thrill-seeking centenarian is making a habit of high-octane birthdays. Last year she buckled up for an acrobatic aeroplane flight in a Spitfire, while for her hundredth 'do she met the Queen.

Here's to many more adrenaline-pumping celebrations in years to come, Eva!

Feature image: Evening Standard.