Tanya Hennessy Wants You To Live Your Best Life

She's the "low-budget Tony Robbins" here to change your world.

Unless you took a break from Facebook -- and TV and radio and magazines and media in general -- for the past 24 months straight you've probably heard of Tanya Hennessy.

You'll know then that she's an Aussie radio announcer, comedian, viral video-maker and all 'round hoot. She's smart, funny -- leave-you-gasping-on-the-floor funny -- and relatable AF.

What you might not know about the 32-year-old Newcastle native is that she's a bit of a motivational guru.

A "low-budget Tony Robbins" if you will -- and those are her words not ours. Own it, girl.

If anyone knows how far a work hard, never-say-die attitude and a good dose of side-splitting humour can get you in this hard-knock life, it's this lady.

From failed acting aspirations and stilt-walking -- we're not kidding -- to landing a national radio gig, making viral videos and writing a best-selling book, Hennessy is a testament to what we can achieve if we just try. And try. And try some more.

And she's documented her best life advice and words of wisdom in her latest tome, Am I Doing This Right? And we can all -- quite literally -- take a leaf from her book when it comes to shooting for our own #lifegoals. 

"Just do it. And keep going," is the advice she shared with ten daily for anyone wanting to kick off their creative career. Or any career really.

The path to success -- whatever that may be -- might seem steep and insurmountable but it's a mountain that you can and will climb.

Hennessy did, and so can you.

"If I can do it, literally anyone can," she said.

Despite achieving her goals the brunette babe is still coming to terms with how it feels to be a published author. That'd be, "terrified and amazed" FYI. 

By her own admission the ever-humble -- and hilarious -- Hennessy never expected to amount to much but look who's laughing now. Her. And us, after reading her book that is. Now that's the sound of success.

Am I Doing This Right? is out now.