Carrie Bickmore's Big News: 'We Are Having A Baby'

Her announcement is too sweet for words.

The news is out -- Carrie Bickmore and partner Chris Walker are having a baby!

The beloved Project co-host, 37,  made the exciting announcement in an Instagram video on June 21.

Bickmore captured the moment she spilled the beans to her three-year-old daughter Evie, who can barely contain her surprise -- and excitement.

"There's a baby in mummy's tummy," Bickmore explains while son Oliver, 10,  and Walker beam. And boy do they look chuffed.

The adorable family of four -- soon to be five -- get a good giggle out of Evie's cute question, too. "Are you having twins?' the curious little one asks before everyone burst into laughter.

And before we all head out and buy two pairs of every baby gift imaginable, listen up. As the Gold Logie-winner confirmed to her little girl, "No honey it’s not twins!!!!!!"

Her Project co-hosts couldn't wait to congratulate the mum-to-be during Thursday night's show. Hamish Macdonald quizzed Bickmore at the start of the episode on how she's kept the "BicBaby" under wraps so far. 

Bickmore confessed she's been keeping her pregnancy a secret by holding in her tummy and lowering her chair to conceal her growing bump behind the desk. Genius!

She also told the panel she's been suffering from morning sickness unbeknownst to her Project colleagues.

"It's nice to feel better too I've been sick as a dog! I'm surprised you haven't noticed me dry-retching next to you?"

Carrie Bickmore Reveals How She Kept The Project Team In The Dark About Her Pregnancy

The bundle of joy is Bickmore's third and Walker's second child.

No word yet on whether Evie and Ollie are expecting a little brother or sister.

We wish the growing family all the very best during this beautiful time.

Feature image: Getty.