The World's Largest Bath Bomb Is Here To Delight And Disturb You

Bathbomb, bathbomb, you're a huge bathbomb ...

Bigger is better, at least where boundary-pushing Youtubers Vat19 are concerned. They've taken the humble bath bomb and supersized it. The result? A hefty 2,000 pound -- or 900 kilogram -- fizzy bath time treat.

Why? HOW?? We can't really answer the first question. Vat19 are like a millenial version of MythBusters crossed with Jackass. They enjoy doing silly stunts like filling bathtubs with cereal and playing hot sauce roulette.

We do know how these curious young minds completed their epic challenge. It involved huge amounts of corn starch, citric acid, baking soda and a cement mixer. So you know, just stuff that you'd have lying around.

Half-way there, and we're exhausted just watching. Image: Youtube/vat19com

Mixing the powder together while adding squirts of green dye looked fun -- if you enjoy physical labour that is. Once that was done the team compacted the mixture into an enormous round fibreglass mould -- again, who doesn't have one of these in the garage? -- which gave the bath bomb its shape.

Except this bomb was the size of a small car. It ended up being about a thousand times larger than a standard bath bomb. So naturally the next step was to chuck it in an equally large bath, or pool in this case. Yep. A swimming pool.

Before and after the blast. Image: Youtube/vat19com

Now, if bath bombs are your jam then you're gonna love what happens next. If the thought of floating in a sea of algae-coloured froth -- and let's be frank, that's what it looks like -- then the end of the video will be your own personal hell.

There's only one thing left to say and that's bombs away! Oh and someone should get Lush on the phone ...

Feature image: Youtube/vat19com