Sydney's Most Surprising Restaurant Is Catering To Young And Old

But it's not what you think.

When you think about the most Insta-worthy places to eat, you'd be forgiven for thinking along the lines of Sydney's The Grounds of Alexandria, Perth's Port City Roasters, or perhaps even Melbourne's Centre Place.

While you could take your pick of an array of first-class eateries across the country, we doubt that a retirement village would be among your bucket-list choices. Well, hold on to your child-proof cutlery, because that's exactly what's happening in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs.

The latest Insta-worthy place to do brunch is right in the middle of an aged care complex -- albeit a rather posh one. And it's attracting the millennial masses.

Simply called The Botanica, this luxe eatery is actually part of Mark Moran Vaucluse -- a luxury aged-care facility that's anything but a traditional retirement village. In fact, in addition to its fancy restaurant -- which is open to the public -- it also has a deluxe spa and alfresco cafe

What's more, it makes for the perfect insta-post, thanks to its stylish interiors and tasteful furnishings, which consist of blush-toned chairs, floral embellished walls, an abundance of leafy ferns, and freshly-cut flowers at every table.

As appealing as the venue is, it isn't all about good looks. The attractive menu is actually a thoughtful curation of dishes that reflect the restaurant's farm-to-plate ethos -- with most of its key ingredients being sourced from the restaurant's new 65-acre permaculture property in Jamberoo Valley.

Speaking to Business Insider, executive chef at The Botanica, Perry Hill, said while he didn't have a specific target in mind, the proliferation of food bloggers and influencers are a welcome addition to the people who live in the retirement village.

“Social media is really powerful and can be used in an amazing way, and is bringing a whole lot of people that years ago might not have been that interested in food," Hill said.

He added that restaurants have become somewhat of a form of entertainment nowadays, where there’s a certain social cache associated with the "look where I have been" images people share on social media.

While the thought of dining at a retirement village may seem unusual at first, we dare say once you've seen the restaurant up close, it won't be long before its lush interiors will be popping up on your Insta-feed.

We'll let the images speak for themselves.

Feature image: Instagram/@thebotanica.vaucluse