Robbie Williams Talking About His Wife Is Pure Romance

He's loving Ayda instead ...

Robbie Williams has gone on British TV show, This Morning, to talk about that World Cup incident, and has revealed SO MUCH MORE about himself and his life in the process. The Angels singer candidly spoke about his relationship with wife Ayda Field and, well, let's just say it's restored our faith in love.

Robbie says Ayda is his rock. Image: Getty

Robbie admits to hosts Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby that he never planned on getting married or having children before he met Ayda.

"I had two commandments, 'Thou shall not get married' and 'Thou shall not have children'. Then Ayda happened to me and all that changed."

The singer didn't stop there... telling the hosts, "You tell God your plans and he laughs at them. Here I find myself being a father of two and being married to a wonderful woman. It comes with its heartaches and headaches and tiredness. Things change, people change."

Robbie and Ayda have two young children, Teddy and Charlie, and the former Take That member spoke about how they make their "loved up" relationship work: "We are each other's rock." he admitted. "She has her own neurosis that she has. My mental-ness and her mental-ness dovetails. She is a lot safer than me in everything she does. I look after her and she looks after me and that's the way that love works and that it should be in a relationship."

The couple also look after their children -- making a conscious effort not to show their faces on social media. But Ayda still managed to post hundreds of videos and photos of the cute pair... you just can't see them from the front.

Robbie -- who is rumoured to be joining the X Factor panel in the UK -- began the segment talking about the World Cup and told why he was performing at the soccer tournament.

"How was Russia?" the host asked in jest, to which Robbie answered, "I went to Russia and I don't know if you know but I did the opening ceremony of the World Cup, where teams from all over the world come together to play soccer"  cheekily referring to the site of international incident that almost kicked off when he flipped the bird at the camera while singing.

Robbie said he didn't know he was going to do that. Image: Getty

"I thought to myself, 'It's really important at these kinds of things not to cause an international incident' and you know what? I managed it!"

The star went on pretending -- "There was a minute to countdown, so I did a one minute countdown!" before admitting that even he didn't know why he did it. " I can't trust me… The plan was, sing in key and don't fall over and 99% of the plan, I pulled off. Nothing pops into my head. There is a block between me and sense. Then something happens and then five minutes later, 'I did didn't I'?"

Yes Robbie, you did. But we forgive you, and we're sure Ayda did too.