Make Up Artist Transforms Herself Into Amazing Famous Faces

Worthy of a double take!

It's only been a matter of weeks since we watched Meghan Markle walk down the aisle to marry Prince Harry in the biggest wedding of the year, and already we've seen countless people try to recreate her effortless bridal beauty.

From her flawless, dewy complexion, to her smokey eyes and understated chignon, it's pretty clear why women everywhere are desperately trying to nail the Duchess' perfectly subtle makeup.

While some recreations are most definitely Insta-worthy, others are not so much. But can we just say, the latest Meghan beauty transformation to go viral really takes the cake -- the royal cake, that is!

The look was created by beauty vlogger Promise Tamang -- also known as the human chameleon -- who is actually no stranger to performing magical makeovers. In fact, she's recreated all the famous faces, from Beyonce, to Mariah, to Angelina and more. 

The vlogger's look was so on point that she didn't just take inspiration from Meghan's bridal makeup, she literally transformed herself into the now Duchess of Sussex -- complete with signature freckles. What's more, the YouTube tutorial has already racked up more than 350,000 views.

If only to marvel at the sheer genius of this makeup extraordinaire, scroll down and check out some of her more recognisable looks for your viewing pleasure.

Meghan Markle

Princess Fiona

Betty Boop

Pennywise the clown

Ed Sheeran

Mariah Carey

Belle, Beauty and the Beast


Feature image: Instagram/@promisetamang.