The Royals Win Fashion Stakes At Ascot

What horse race?

The Queen and other members of the royal family all had the winning look on day one of Royal Ascot on June 20 and it had nothing to do with the horse race.

Her Majesty and co. -- yep your faves Harry and Meghan included -- were a shoe-in for top spot in the style stakes, in our opinion anyway. Here's our wrap up of the best royal looks of the day.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex
Image: Getty.

Meghan was serving some serious My Fair Lady vibes and quite frankly we can't get enough. There's nothing more classic -- and classy -- than a monochrome palette and the duchess pulls this Givenchy look off with elegance and ease. We love the buttons, the asymmetrical hem and the embroidery around the waist.

My Fair Meghan. Image: Getty.

Speaking of waists, that belt cinches Meghan's beautifully and pairs perfectly with her black clutch and stilettos. And before anyone says something like 'playing it safe' remember that it's the Queen who wears the colourful outfits -- oh and the crown -- meaning the rest of the royals have to tone it down.

Harry meanwhile is a little bit too Mr Monopoly for our taste -- at least he didn't go the whole hog and don a giant white 'tache. It is only day one of the five day event though.

The Princes of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall
Image: Getty.

Camilla was a dream in cream -- matching coat, gloves, hat and shoes -- but don't think we didn't notice that racy snakeskin clutch. Love. For Charles -- who was dapper in a grey three-piece suit -- the devil was all in the details. The lavender tie, the gold fob watch chain and the contrast collar shirt are a big YES.

The Queen
Image: Getty.

Praise Her Majesty for bringing some sunshine to the otherwise overcast day. Queen Elizabeth positively shone in buttercup and we have to talk about the frock peeking through. Is that yellow with blue blossoms we see? Adorbs and very fresh for (the northern hemisphere) spring.

Princess Anne
Image: Getty.

The Princess Royal kept to the same tonal theme as the Duchess of Cornwall in a sand-coloured fit-and-flare dress coat. Her brown accessories added some warmth and that jaunty hat has us craving chips on a stick -- but in the best way possible.

Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie
Image: Getty.

Royal sisters Beatrice, 29, and Eugenie were a vision in powder blue and crisp white. Beatrice's ever so slightly puffed sleeve is a nod to the '80s -- her mum Sarah Ferguson's hey-day -- while 28 -year-old Eugenie dipped right back to the 1950s with her Dior-inspired look. That cinched-in waist and sculptural hat though.

And hi, Sophie, Countess of Wessex -- we see you too and are quite partial to the detailing on the sleeves of your baby pink dress. Is that a hint of skin peeking out? How very, er ... racy.

Feature image: Getty.