How This 57-Year-Old Is Schooling Us All When It Comes To Fashion

Male model Johnny Petrozzino knows that with age comes wisdom -- and some seriously cool style.

Johnny Petrozzino was born in 1961 and he most probably dresses better than you do. Don't feel badly though -- his suave retro look leaves most of us for dust in the style stakes.

The New Jersey native is a bit of a triple threat: he's a barber, a vintage store-owner and -- more recently -- a fashion model. In fact at 57 years old Petrozzino is likely one of the most senior faces to grace the pages of Vogue magazine however he's no less chuffed.

It seems that the fashion world can't get enough of Petrozzino's unique look. With his razor-sharp cheekbones and slicked-back white coif of hair -- coupled with his achingly cool wardrobe of '30s double-breasted suits and '70s punk leather -- we can understand why.

It hasn't taken him long to rack up an enviable resume to boot. In early 2018 he starred alongside Kayne West and Solange in Helmut Lang's multi-generational photo-series celebrating the brand's enduring appeal.

That same year edgy label LRS sent models down the runway in dresses printed with Petrozzino's face, and he donned Calvin Klein for a shoot for AnotherMan Magazine in 2017. He also popped up -- wearing a floor-length fur coat no less -- in SUITED magazine's 'Visionaries' edition.

Even though Petrozzino's been tapped by fashion's big-names he's not about to forget where he came from and who helped him along the way. He credits vintage archivist Dominik Haláshis and photographer Bill Taylor -- who gets his hair cut by Petrozzino -- with kicking off his new career.

We love how the almost-sexagenarian is carving out a niche for himself -- and other mature style kings and queens -- in the youth-dominated world of fashion. It got us thinking about how when it comes to nailing our own #stylegame there's a lot we can learn from our elders.

Heck, even Petrozzino looks to his own mum and grandma -- as well as childhood pics of himself of course -- for inspo. And it makes sense.

After all, our nans and pops have been there and worn that when it comes to most trends -- the good and the bad. When they do choose to rock a look -- like Petrozzino's fave turtleneck -- we can be sure that it's here to stay.

Feature image: Vogue/Alex Hodor-Lee.