New York As You've Never Seen It Before

From behind.

There's something about New York City that's just so damn captivating. From the people, to the architecture, to the street style, we love it all -- and we can't get enough of it.

Following in the footsteps of the AMAZING Humans of New York photoblog, which gave us a glimpse into the lives of everyday New Yorkers, comes an equally fabulous Instagram account to feast your eyes upon.

Created by local residents, Justin Roberts and Bryn Fenech, New York From Behind, once again provides a candid snapshot of regular folk going about their everyday activities on the streets of New York -- only this this time there's a twist ... 

Unlike previous street style Insta accounts, which are very much focused on what you see at the front, in New York From Behind the real life peeps are snapped from the back. Yep, that's right -- but not in a creepy way.

Speaking to BBC News, Bryn said the idea came about after the pair noticed an obvious gap in NYC street style blogs.

“We were following all the New York subway and street style blogs and thought, How can we look at this concept from a different perspective?” write the duo on their blog. “We started taking the pictures for fun and sending each other good ones.”

While there's an endless array of stylistas to snap, as Bryn explained, most of the adornment is captured on the front of clothing, so when you see a fashionable back view it's just "so rare that it makes it more exciting".

“The concept is simple: Document the unique characters of this great city and only do it from behind. But it’s a lot harder than you’d expect [to execute]. Fashion tends to be forward-focused,” they write. “You’ll see an amazing outfit heading your way and as they pass the whole back of the outfit is black.”

We've taken a look at the account and we think it's going to be your daily dose of New York fabulousness. We'll let the images speak for themselves.

Feature image: Instagram/@NewYorkFromBehind.