Sandra Bullock Says Harvey Weinstein Makes Her So F***ing Angry

The actress opens up about sexism and her #metoo moments.

She's one of the biggest names in Hollywood -- in fact, Sandra Bullock was the highest paid actress in the world in 2010, and earned something staggering like $60 million in 2013 alone. Yep the woman is pretty darn successful, single-handedly opening the door for other female stars -- we're looking at you Amy Schumer, Kristen Wiig and Rebel Wilson --  to succeed in action films and comedy in Hollywood. Bow down, everyone.

But, she tells in a new interview in the Sunday Times magazine, she still struggles with Hollywood's inate sexism. And yes, she's had her #metoo moments, too.

"Very early on in my career I had a situation on a film, which was hard," she tells The Times. "It came from a person of authority. I kept deflecting it with humour and it didn’t work. Finally, I said, ‘Please, just fire me.’”

While she won't say who the perpetrator was, she will say that it wasn't Harvey Weinstein. “It was a lesson. After that, I tended to remove anything that could be misconstrued as sexual. I locked it down.”

Sandra and Harvey Weinstein on the red carpet at the 2011 Oscars. Image: Getty

Luckily for her Sandra never worked with Weinstein. But she knew about him and she had met him.

"I only heard what Harvey wanted people to hear, and that made me so f****** angry," she tells The Times. "People would say, ‘Well, you know how she got that role? She f***** Harvey.’ I would say, ‘Shut the f*** up. You don’t know that.’ Then, later, to find out that woman was brutally attacked ... They didn’t sleep with Harvey. Harvey wanted you to think that.”

Like many women, Bullock was afraid of what may happen once the accusations came out about Weinstein and as #metoo heated up.  “I was like, ‘Oh my God, this is amazing, but f***, f***, f***, what if it doesn’t work? Please God, let it not swing the other way.’ We’re in such uncharted territory right now.”

She says that now the landscape is becoming different -- and men are actually responding with fear themselves, worried they may overstep the mark in a post #metoo world. Like on the set of her new movie Bird Box.

“I saw a tremendous amount of fear from men on set,” Bullock said. “In the end, I said ‘I know you’re scared, but I feel safe, so you can make some jokes now. But if you cross the line, I will f***you up.’”

With boyfriend Bryan Randall, 52. “I like men who make me feel safe, and don’t make me feel that I need to crawl into a hole for being as outspoken as I am.” Image: Getty

But as for the sexism -- well sadly that hasn't gone away. Even while making the all-female Oceans 8, there were rumours that the cast were not getting along.  “I’m so tired of the press saying, ‘They fought and squabbled,’ ” she says of the stories.

“There’s this myth that women in Hollywood don’t support each other," she says about filming the movie with costars Cate Blanchett, Sarah Paulson, Anne Hathaway, Rihanna and Helena Bonham Carter.

Does this look like competition and bitchiness to you? Image: Getty

"We didn’t live in a society where we were raised to support other women for their successes. But behind closed doors, we all stuck together.”

Amen to that.

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