Royal Denies Romance With Tom Cruise

There we were planning another Windsor wedding ...

Nothing would excite us more than for Tom Cruise -- the King of Hollywood -- to somehow become a part of the British aristocracy, perhaps marry into the royal family, get a knighthood, you know ...

So when we read that he was getting hot and heavy with a member of the Royal family, we were overexcited.

However, things aren't always as they seem.

You see, Tom is in the latest Mission Impossible movie, Mission Impossible – Fallout  with The Crown star Vanessa Kirby...

Do you get where we're going with this?

Tom Cruise seen kissing Vanessa Kirby during a scene for 'Mission Impossible 6' in Paris, France, on May 2, 2017. (Photo by Mehdi Taamallah/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

The world got excited because paparazzi shots of the film set CLEARLY showed Kirby -- who played Princess Margaret on The Crown -- and Cruise pashing. Then rumours began flying that Cruise was reportedly totally smitten with the British actress. And she didn't help matters when she told the Times of London that she was seeing somebody under the radar.

But this week she's denied it all. ‘There’s literally zero truth in it,’ she said of the suggestions she and Tom were getting into a Mission-ary position, if you get our drift.

Speaking on The View, the actress said: ‘I had met him once in a room full of people! I was like, that was fast! We were filming on the river bank in Paris, and we have to kiss, and then the paparazzi [were] taking pictures.’

These rumours are no laughing matter. Image: Getty

Kirby continued: ‘I’ve been in a relationship for two years ... We hadn’t started filming, and all of a sudden we’re getting married! It’s so bizarre. My boyfriend found it hilarious.’

Vanessa had previously revealed that the rumours probably began because her relationship was conducted in private, and said at the time that she had never discussed it with Tom. ‘I didn’t bring it up. And he never mentioned it. I don’t think he even knows. The whole thing’s ridiculous.’

But Kirby confirmed on The View that that the pair had since spoken about the rumours and revealed that ‘It was embarrassing. Most of all for him probably.’

Damn it, and there we were already dreaming of what Meghan and Harry would wear to the wedding...

Feature Image: Getty