This Aussie Designer Got Roasted For Using #MeToo

Slammed for using the hashtag, she changed it to Magnificent Women Collection.

Sometimes the best intentions can go awry.

That is what seems to have happened to Fashion Label Kholo this week, when their latest collection suddenly got them noticed for all the wrong reasons.

The designer Karishma Kasabia called the collection #MeToo -- and an uproar ensued because the Internet really didn't approve.

In the original statement on their website, the company explained their vision, citing the recent #MeToo movement as inspiration.

Kasabia wrote, “When the whole #MeToo thing broke out, I was so surprised. Friends, mentors, peers — were all opening up about their experiences. I started getting into books, following feeds and reading more and more stories. Women have been protecting themselves for generations. I just didn’t know. Yes. It shouldn’t happen. But yes. It does.”

The designer then told how the line had been created “for the warriors, for all the wounds….for the healing.”

But no one was impressed.

One Twitter user shared the brand’s statement, captioning the image with “oh, no" and then others questioned whether the line was “a joke”. Others slammed the designer for the names of some work in the collection, including a slip called “Take Me Off”, a jumper called Bounce With Me and a dress called “Sex On Legs”.

This dress -- called Sex On Legs -- met with disapproval online. Image: Kholo

“The collection contains a dress entitled ‘sex on legs’ and a jumper called ‘bounce with me’, seriously what kind of nasty degenerate would try and cash in on the #MeToo movement #BoycottKholo,” wrote one person on Twitter.

One user accused the label of trivialising the movement: “Don't call it ‘the whole #MeToo thing’" Just don't,” they wrote.

“Please reconsider your #metoo collection,” one Instagram user commented on a photo. “No percentage of profits going to services that help sexual assault survivors, garments with names like ‘sex on legs’ and ‘take me off’.” The brand responded, fittingly,  that it DID donate a portion of profit to charities helping women -- “Proceeds go to White Ribbon Foundation.”

However, it seems that the assault on her brand ended up being too much for the designer --  in response to all the furore, Kasabia has changed the name of the collection and since issued a heartfelt apology.

"To my crew and fam here on Insta -- you may not know it, but we renamed the MeToo collection to The Magnificent collection. It was inspired by the MeToo movement (ages ago, I saw a post from Cameron Russell and it started there), so for me, it felt so natural to name it the MeToo collection. The whole series has pieces that tie back to empowerment, MeToo, feminism and warrior women, we would take the conversation offline AND to the caffe. That is what I truly wanted to happen. Last night I learnt it had hurt women. They felt it was monetising on the concept and I would never want to monetise on someone’s hurt. I want to spark the conversation, I want those things to never happen again, I want to make change. And I truly felt, just the way we talk about “hey where did you get that dress from”, we can talk about, “hey, I don’t feel comfortable about what he did, what do you think?”. And. I don’t want what I do to make money for the wrong reasons. That is such bad energy. So changing the name was instantaneous for me. I started from a place of good intent and I am so sorry if it was a trigger for you, or caused you pain in any way. I truly never meant for it to be received that way. From a place of love, X Karishma

No word yet on how the Internet feels about the apology.