Lindy Klim Shows Harsh Reality Of Motherhood In Moving Instagram Post

Her message to mums everywhere.

She may be a Balinese princess but Lindy Klim showed a very normal side to her exotic life with a moving Instagram post this week.

The model and creative director of destination fashion brand Rama Voyage posted a photo of six-month old daughter Goldie, saying

Time for a personal post on a beautiful and at times equally hard subject to face: breastfeeding."

"How liberating it is that we have come this far. That it is no longer a taboo topic of conversation and something to be discussed openly," she continued.

"If I am really being honest, it can be equally confronting for women who either by personal choice or need, decide to bottle-feed. I for one am one of those women, and whilst I wasn’t able to breastfeed Goldie, I don’t feel any less connected to my daughter having gone down this path."

Melbourne and Bali based Lindy, who is engaged to British property developer Adam Ellis says it took her some time to not feel inadequate for her inability to breastfeed her little girl, but adds in the post a message to other mothers not to feel judged.

"It has taken me a while to get to this place, of not feeling judged or any less adequate. So I say to all new mothers, whatever your choice may be, don’t for a second allow yourself to feel judged. You are equal and worthy of any praise that comes your way. Embrace your journey of motherhood Xx"

Klim is also mother to three children by her ex husband, Olympic swimmer Michael Klim -- Stella, 11, Rocco, nine, and Frankie, six. The family divide their time between Melbourne and Bali, something that suits Lindy -- a Balinese princess whose uncle is King of Denpasar and late father, Oak Rama, a Balinese prince) down to a tee.

“Gucci to Birkenstocks, that’s my life!” she told Mecca recently.  “I love that I can play in these two very different worlds,” she adds.

In Melbourne, it’s so fun to get dressed up and go out, and then in Bali, I barely wear makeup or anything but shorts.”

As well as speaking out for mothers who are struggling, Klim says she's very aware of her responsibility as a mother of four. She's keen to teach the girls, especially, that -- while they have more privilege than most -- they have to work hard to get ahead.

"I’m proud that I’ve been able to have such amazing kids, and still be working, " she tells Mecca,"and working really hard. It's important for  them to see that."

Especially my girls, I really want them to see how hard I work and for them to know they can’t just sit back and expect things to land for them. You have to work for it.”

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