Where Are The Best-Looking People In The World (And How Do We Get There?)

Asking for a single friend.

Travel is all about the people you might meet, right? I'm not talking tour guides or air hosties, I'm talking the people who you meet in bars or stare at in markets.

Let's be honest.

For many of us holidays are all about that -- a chance to meet people, flirt in a foreign language (or by some kind of signing/ foreign language combo) and perhaps have a holiday romance.

So it makes us happy to present you with this, our community service guide to the countries with the highest numbers of good-looking people (and how to get yourself there before the end of the month).

How did we come up with the list?, the controversial online dating service that only allows attractive people to join (you apply but are only allowed on the site if you're accepted as good looking enough) shared some of their member data a while back, and it clearly shows where you should all be heading before the end of the month, if indeed you want to meet up with the world's best-looking folk.

You can thank us later.

Wanna meet a model-like man?

HEAD TO SWEDEN. They come out at number one on with a 65 percent acceptance rate, meaning that 65 percent of Swedes who applied were accepted. Greg Hodge, managing director of the site said, "Sweden and Brazil are proving to be the most aesthetically blessed nations in the world." Sign us up for somathat! tell us Sydney singles can fly to Stockholm on June 25 for $2,267 return on Thai Airways, while Melbournians can get there for $2,892 on Emirates. Off you pop.

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BAG A BRAZILIAN.  With a 45 percent acceptance rate, it's off to Rio for you, stat! Sydney to Rio return on June 25? A cool $3,073 on Emirates. From Melbourne -- $3,686. Ours is a mojito, thanks.

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DO A DANE.  Wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen indeed. A 40 percent acceptance rate and some cheap fares on ... looks like we can all get our Princess Mary moment, right? $1,929 from Sydney on Thai, $2,692 from Melbourne on Qantas. Done.

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CIAO ITALIAN STALLION. Okay so they only get a 39 percent acceptance rate but MAMMA MIA THEY'RE ALL AL DENTE!!! Virgin have flights from Sydney to Rome for just $1973, while Melbourne to Rome is $2,313. Get going, pronto!

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Where do the world's most attractive women live?

GIVE NORWAY A NUDGE: 76 percent of Norwegian women who applied got accepted on to, which shows you what you're dealing with. Wanna go? Sydney to Oslo is a "cool" $2,209 on June 25, while you can head due north from Melbourne for $2,914 return.

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SET YOURSELF UP WITH A SWEDE. A close second to the Norwegians, 68 percent of Swedish women who applied got accepted. You can try your luck in Stockholm from $2,267 from Sydney, don't forget.

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GET ROMANTIC IN REYKJAVIK. Again, there's not much in it, but 66 percent of Icelandic women who applied got accepted by the dating site. It's a little pricier that some locales but your odds have to be pretty good, right? Sydney to Reykjavik will set you back $3,318 on British Airways; Melbourne is $3,961.

TIME TO GET A BRAZILIAN. Always had a thing for Gisele? There are plenty more like her ... apparently. 45 percent got accepted by the site. That's a lot of supermodels right there in Rio.

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RUN OFF TO RUSSIA. Of course, the World Cup is on in Russia right now, so you possibly won't be the only tourist there, but with 44 percent of Russian women getting the nod, you'll have fun anyway. And airfares are cheap (you just need to hurry that visa along!). Sydney to Moscow is just $2,011, while you can get there from Melbourne for just $2,067 at the end of June.

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