The Surprising Things The Queen Packs In Her Suitcase

Oh, no she didn't.

It should come as no surprise that Her Majesty has clocked up a few frequent flyer miles in her time. So much so that it's estimated she's jetsetted around the world more than 42 times, visiting 120 countries during her 90 years -- all without a passport.

As a woman who travels so much, she must have some serious packing requirements -- after all, we wouldn't expect the Queen of England (or any royal for that matter) to travel like us mere commoners. No siree, you won't find any overstuffed suitcases for this regal lady.

So what the heck does her lady-in-waiting pack in her suitcase? And more importantly, what are the things the Queen simply can't travel without.

Sugary lollies

No doubt she has encountered her fair share of jet lag in her time. So to counter the effects of her travel malaise she reportedly sucks on barley sugar boiled candy.

"What the queen is doing by having barley sugar is essentially using her body’s sugar metabolic pathways to help adjust her body clock,” Dr. Nick Knight told The Telegraph, explaining how also carrying out your daily habits, such as eating and sleeping, in line with your new destination’s time zone -- both en-route and on arrival -- help your body clock adjust to its new environment.

Toilet paper

Can you spare a square? Probably not if your name's Queen Elizabeth. Truth be told, you won't find Her Majesty stressing out about whether on-board toilet paper is one or two-ply because she actually travels with her own stash.

According to one royal insider who reportedly travelled with the Queen for more than two decades, Madge does indeed travel with her own special toilet paper -- complete with a seal to prove its been untouched.

“Hosts spend more time worrying about the loo arrangements than anything else, down to what colour the towels should be and whether the loo roll is a suitable brand," they said.

A bag of blood

Aside from travelling with her very own medical team consisting of personal doctor who has a defibrillator and other emergency paraphernalia, the Queen is said to travel with a personal supply of blood matching her own blood type.

And although it might be slightly morbid -- and a tad weird -- you can't be too careful when you're the Queen of England -- especially when you're travelling to places where blood donations might be scarce.

Hot water bottle

Like the rest of us, Her Majesty is a bit of a sucker for the simple pleasures in life. So when away from home, she apparently likes to warm up a chilly bed by snuggling up to a hot water bottle at night.

Let's face it, nobody wants a cold Queen and travelling can be a lonely experience at the best of times -- especially when you're away from your cute and cuddly pet Corgis. So who wouldn't opt for cosy 1000-count Egyptian bed sheets and a good old hot water bottle given the opportunity?

Pine-scented soap

Who doesn't like to travel with a hint of home -- particularly the olfactory kind. Smell has a powerful association with memory, which is probably why Her Madge packs some very personal items in her toiletry bag.

In addition to travelling with family snaps, the British monarch reportedly can't leave home without pine-scented soap. Well, the soap is well regarded for its effectiveness at treating skin conditions, but our guess is the scent no doubt reminds Her Majesty of walks in the forests at home.

Feature image: Getty.