Pippa Middleton's Getting A Fancy New Title

But it's not for the reason you think.

Pippa Middleton's year is turning into a bumper one and we couldn't be happier for her. The 34-year-old announced that she and hubby James Matthews are expecting their first child on June 7.

Sure, we were all in on the secret for months -- did you see the mum-to-be's glow at the royal wedding in May? -- but the official reveal was a lovely moment nonetheless. The mini-Middleton-Matthews is expected to arrive in early 2019.

It's official -- a mini-Middleton is on the way. Image: Twitter/@MiddletonMaven.

The socialite-turned-columnist is also expecting something else -- a brand-new title. Before your mind goes straight to older sister Kate and her royal connections it's best to think again. Pippa's noble moniker has nothing to do with the Duchess of Cambridge.

When Pippa and James tied the knot in 2017 she became part of her husband's family which is by all accounts a little bit posh. James, 42, is a hedge fund manager who also happens to be heir to a rather fancy Scottish feudal title. Um, yes!

It's all thanks to his dad David. Matthews Sr purchased Glen Affric, a castle and a 10,000-acre estate in the Scottish Highlands, just over a decade ago and in doing so made himself a Laird. Eldest son James will inherit this title when his father passes away -- here's hoping that doesn't happen for many years to come.

When James does become Laird his wife Pippa will take on the title Lady of Glen Affric. Sounds pretty swish, hey? As does Glen Affric itself to be quite frank.

The privately-owned hunting lodge is positioned about 24 kilometres west of Loch Ness and is nestled in what is often described as the most beautiful valley in the whole of Scotland.

Ex-racing driver James and his two brothers Spencer and Michael spent part of their childhood at Glen Affric which got us thinking -- would he and Pippa ever considering raising their family there? Only time will tell.

For now the couple call their luxurious London mansion home. It's not far from Kensington Palace which is of course where Pippa's big sister Kate lives with the Duke and their three little ones. Once her own bub arrives the new mum won't have far to go for advice -- or a play date.

Feature image: Getty.