Boob Sweat And Spanx: Bryce Dallas Howard's Red Carpet Reality

Oh yeah she went there.

Bryce Dallas Howard is pulling back the veil to reveal the not-so-glam side of red carpet life that we all need to see. And it's far less tidy, comfortable and, er ... dry that we might have thought. Stay with us.

The star of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom took over People magazine's Instagram story for the film's LA premiere on June 12. Clad in a fluffy bathrobe the actor kicked off her first video from her hotel room with a promise to share some "fun behind-the-scenes stuff" of her prepping for the big night ahead.

Bryce didn't hold back on the sharing and we're kinda not sorry.

Her second video update was a sweeping shot of the hotel room floor covered in a sea of suitcases, clothes and other bits and bobs. The caption -- "When you've been travelling for 3 weeks" -- says it all and we can totally relate.

Choices, choices. Image: Instagram/@people

It seems like the mess on the floor was the least of Bryce's worries if her next video was anything to go by. The stunning redhead, 37, is captured clutching a towering stack of Spanx with a quizzical look on her face.

"I have a really impossible choice to make tonight," the star said before addressing the audience with a bit of a personal question.

"I would love your help; I don't know which one to wear!" she asked. "So many options, so many promises ... I want all of this!"

Needless to say The Help bombshell ended up looking incredible in her vibrant red Rouland Mouret off-the-shoulder gown. We're loving the contrast with the maroon bow around her divine waist. Show off those curves, girl.

But Bryce's night was only just beginning. She then hit the red carpet with co-stars Chris Pratt and Jeff Goldblum at the Walt Disney Concert Hall.

Bryce couldn't help but take a moment to share yet another inside look at her evening via People's Instagram story. This time it was all about sweat. Specifically boob sweat.

The mum-of-two pulled a face and pointed to a spot just below the bust of her gown where things had gotten a little -- dare we say it -- moist.

Getting a little heated, Bryce? Image: Instagram/@people

Far from embarrassed -- and why should she be? -- the actor even captioned the video "#boobsweat." Hashtag it loud and proud we say.

Control briefs and perspiration in awkward places: oh yes, Bruce went there and we're glad she did. Boob sweat and the need for Spanx happens -- even to couture-wearing, red-carpet-walking film stars.

Image: Getty and Instagram/@people