A Designer Just Sent "Pregnant" Men Down The Runway

Xander Zhou's London Fashion Week Men's collection included some designer tummies.

Last year there was a little bit of a trend in fashion circles to send pregnant models down the runway. This year designer Xander Zhou's London Fashion Week Men's collection included the same ... except this time they were men.

Confronting or fashion, you decide. Image: Getty

According to Paper magazine, the show "explored various themes, including extraterrestrials, technology's impact on medicine and the growing digitization of humanity (with the runway soundtrack consisting of a robotic female voice chanting phrases like "I am digitized"). Some models sported exposed bellies to "welcome" the possibility of paternal pregnancy and others wore capes propped up by multiple arms, each prosthetic almost kitsch in its unrealism."

Image: Getty

XanderZhou is known for indulging in strong, dystopian-tinged narratives, and this season was filled with a degree of drama -- the below peacock-like cape made of prosthetic arms, after all, isn't your run of the mill going-to-the-pub menswear.

Image: Getty

And just in case there was any chance the fash pack thought the belly-baring outfits were simply a riff on beer bellies, the Beijing-based designer made the pregnancy theme very clear, with one model walking with his arms protectively cradling his stomach, and another wearing a T-shirt read "New World Baby".

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The brand even explained their philosophy in an Instagram post.

Regardless of whether it's just a publicity stunt or a serious statement on the future of gender, one thing is for sure -- after a big pasta dinner, we know a few men who could rock this look right now.

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