Prince Harry Suits Up -- And Gets Sweaty -- Post-Honeymoon

But where's that ring?

Prince Harry is back at work after returning from his honeymoon with new bride Meghan Markle. By the looks of his beaming smile he's evidently still on cloud nine. Ah, newlywed bliss.

The Duke of Sussex -- that's Harry's swanky new title BTW -- was spotted hitting the gym in London on Thursday June 7 before hosting a charity event later that day.

While we're not sure where he and his lady-love jetted off to on their romantic post-wedding getaway -- details are still surprisingly under wraps -- Harry, 33, might be giving us a hint at the destination. Does he look a bit sun-kissed?

Perhaps the rumours about a cosy Canadian retreat were just a diversion while the couple slipped off somewhere tropical. And that wasn't the only thing people noticed about Harry as he made his way to his workout.

His attire was fairly understated -- grey track pants, green t-shirt and a beige cap -- it's what the Duke wasn't wearing that got tongues wagging. His wedding wing was noticeably absent from his ensemble.

His choice to wear one in the first place was a big deal. Most royal husbands -- including his big bro William -- opt out of wearing a gold band. But Harry wasn't about to pass up the chance to show off his commitment to wife Meghan in any way he could. Naw.

Image: BBC.

But let's not read too much into this people. Like many man -- and women -- he likely took it off to ahead of his sweat sesh to avoid damaging it on the gym equipment or -- heaven forbid -- losing it. Smart move, Haz.

Another noticeable absence on Harry's outing was the Duchess of Sussex herself. And we didn't get to see her that evening either when Harry hosted a charity gala for OnSide Youth Zones -- an organisation that provides safe, fun spaces for young people -- at Kensington Palace.

The prince mingled with youngsters and delivered a speech. And yes ladies and gentlemen his wedding ring was firmly back on. One eagle-eyed Instagram user summed up our thoughts pretty nicely in their comment, "I just love when men wear their wedding ring. It says so much. Like 'I’m proud to be married and to Meghan!'"

We're all hanging out to see Meghan for the first time post-honeymoon and we might not have to wait too long. It's a busy birthday weekend ahead for the royal clan with the Queen's Birthday Parade -- also known as Trooping the Colour -- in the diary for Saturday June 9.

Here's hoping the Duchess makes an appearance for the ceremony that has marked the official birthday of the sovereign for over 260 years. She's also set to take a road trip with none other than the Queen herself later in June.

The duo are heading to Chester city in the country's northwest on June 14 for a series of royal appearances. We cannot wait to find out all the details -- including which of the two get first dibs on choosing the royal road trip playlist.

Feature image: Instagram/@onsideyz