The Birthday Cake Latte And Other Crazy Coffee Orders That Actually Exist

The trendy brews to try out on your next cafe run.

If there's one thing the world is going absolutely bananas for it's lattes. Not your regular espresso-and steamed-milk concoction -- this new breed of brews are colourful, quirky and come in a variety of unusual flavours. It seems the (coffee) world really has gone mad -- joining the ranks this week, the broccoli latte may be the most unusual yet.

So what's the buzz? It's unlikely to be caffeine related as most of these crazy coffees don't actually contain any ... er, coffee. A typical recipe is fairly simple: milk and a combination of spices or powdered vegetables.

Some of these brews do have health legitimate benefits, we'll give them that. That new-fangled broccoli latte -- it's gonna be big, people! -- promises to boost drinker's veggie intake by up to one serve. The jury is still out on the taste however. And while there is turmeric (a natural anti-inflammatory) in a turmeric latte, it's really just a tasty mix of milk, honey, vanilla, turmeric, ginger and cinnamon that's heated and stirred. Black pepper and cardamom are optional extras. What we're essentially forking out upwards of $6 for is hot spiced milk. Yep.

But the flavours just keep coming -- and keep getting wackier. Along with the  turmeric and broccoli we've seen charcoal, butterfly pea and blue spirulina pop up on the menus of hip cafes in Australia and abroad. Let's spare a though for the poor baristas who have to make these bizarre brews.

Health benefits -- and barista bothering -- aside, we all know why we really choose to sip these often pricey and not so tasty concoctions. It makes for one helluva good Instagram pic. And who isn't down with earning a few more 'likes'? One Birthday Cake latte, please barista.




Butterfly Pea




Blue Spirulina

Birthday Cake

Feature image: Instagram/@loraciraptor