Please Enjoy This 6-year-old's Handmade Card To Harry and Meghan

His response to seeing it on the royal Instagram account will make your day.

The letterbox at Buckingham Palace is overflowing at present and it's not with dull official documents either. In a nice change of pace the royal postman -- we assume that's a real job -- has been delivering thousands of beautiful letters and cards from well-wishers across Britain and the world.

The Palace has been flooded with more than 36,000 items of mail in the past month alone. That's a lot of stamps, people.

Kids (and some grown ups) have clearly put their hearts into crafting what we reckon is the sweetest correspondence the Palace has ever seen. The cute and colourful handmade tributes were sent in celebration of three major royal milestones from this year alone.

We're talking about the birth of Prince Louis on April 23, Princess Charlotte's third birthday on May 2 and, of course, the May 19 nuptials of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. It's turning out to be a very busy 2018 for the Queen and co.

Our favourite pick of the gorgeous bunch has to be the picture of newlyweds Prince Harry and Meghan complete with a fiery woollen beard for Haz and a bejeweled crown for Megs. Too adorbs. 

The most heartwarming part of the whole warm-and-fuzzy business is that we now know the identity one of youngsters who sent off their crafty delights. Instagram user pav_benning piped up in the comments on the Kensington Royal account to say that her 6-year-old son and his class at school were responsible for making the bejeweled and woolly Harry and Meghan card.

Our favourite card. The proud parent shared that their boy was "very excited" after spotting his handiwork. Bless.

We know that the Duke and Duchess have reportedly returned millions of dollars worth of wedding gifts but we have a hunch that they'd be hard pressed to part with these.

Feature image: Getty and Instagram/@kensingtonroyal