Some Dude Dined And Dashed On His Date And The Internet Is Not Happy

But what happened next will warm your heart.

We've all had at least one bad first date in our lifetime. Everyone knows the warning signs: there's no chemistry, dull conversation and the two of you have little more in common than the basic fact that you both convert oxygen into carbon dioxide. It's pretty grim, in other words.

The worst bit is accepting that the other party would rather be anywhere -- ANYWHERE -- else on the entire planet than sitting in front of you. Or perhaps you're the one desperately wishing for an excuse to leave?

Either way you wouldn't have the gall to politely excuse yourself then make a run for it, would you?

'Cause that's what one dastardly dude did to his female date last week. Like, WTF?? Christian Avant, owner of Milky Lane bar and restaurant in Bondi couldn't believe it either as he watched the whole thing unfold.

He recounted the less-than-impressive incident on the restaurant's Instagram account:

"On Sunday at our Bondi store, we had the unfortunate situation where a guy did a runner on the girl he was eating with, on their first date," Avant wrote. "He went outside to get cash, never came back and blocked her number."

"Our amazing staff took control and consoled the girl, one member who had clocked off had a few shots with her, we comped their whole bill and gave a $150 voucher for her to return with someone better."

"Then when our host finished, she took her for a few drinks in Bondi. We've never been more proud of the whole team. <3"

Luckily for the lovelorn lass Avant and his staff rushed to the rescue. They came bearing tequila shots -- the go-to in-case-of-emergency drink -- and even took care of her unpaid bill which came to over a hundred bucks. Chivalry is not dead, y'all.

Not only that they gave her a $150 voucher. Their only condition? She can only redeem it if she returns with a decent bloke. Naw.

Avant and the Milky Lane staffers' kind act -- and the dodgy romeo's despicable deed -- have since gone viral and everyone has a lot of thoughts.

Many social media users were full of praise for knight-in-shining-armour Avant and Milky Lane:

Image: Instagram/@milkylaneofficial

There are even talks of an award:

Image: Instagram/@milkylaneofficial

Some appreciated the love rat's taste in food:

Image: Instagram/@milkylaneofficial

Others want him named and shamed -- he was captured on CCTV after all ...

Image: Instagram/@milkylaneofficial

Some got philosophical on the qualities of men -- and burgers:

Image: Instagram/@milkylaneofficial

Meanwhile it looks like Avant is becoming a bit of a poster boy:

Image: Instagram/@milkylaneofficial

And finally, some kind words for the jilted gal:

Image: Instagram/@milkylaneofficial

The identity of woman at the centre of all this drama is still unknown and we totally respect that. We just hope she went home to eat some chocolate and/or watch The Notebook then woke up the next day feeling a tiny bit better. And better still the day after that.

Feature image: Paramount Pictures and Reddit: KillerKenyan