Mindy Kaling Got Cut Out Of Her Dress Post-Ocean's 8 Premiere

But she handles the wardrobe malfunction like a pro.

Mindy Kaling had the best night at the Ocean's 8 world premiere in NYC on June 6. She tore up the red carpet in a seriously slinky Prabal Gurung gown with the rest of her Ocean's crew. Gosh darn it, did they look amazing.

After the official business of the premiere screening was over the incredibly chic cast moved the party to the Met -- that's the Metropolitan Museum of Art -- which happens to be the location of the film's big jewellery heist. This was not lost on the quick-witted Kaling.

In one of several Instagram stories the actor shared of the evening -- thanks girl! -- Kaling, 38, is seen loitering near some sparkly jewels in a glass cabinet. She quips, 'I might try to steal this.' We hope that cabinet's securely locked.

Image: Instagram/@mindykaling

Kaling also snapped some adorbs selfies with cast mates Sarah Paulson -- who was GLOWING in a neon Prada creation -- and a Reem Acra-clad Awkwafina who she photo bombed. Again -- how do we get in on this Ocean's 8 friendship group?

While Kaling -- mum to 5-month-old daughter Katherine -- was all glamour, good humour and poise at the event her preparations weren't quite the same. A last-minute wardrobe malfunction -- we assume it was zipper-related -- meant that The Office star's glam squad had to sew her into her gown.

Like we mean literally take a needle and thread and stitch the dress together with Kaling in it. But was she worried? Nup. She even joked about calling 911 but we're not so sure how they feel about fashion emergencies. Not favourably we suspect.

After the super fancy after-party at the Met Kaling returned to her hotel room with her shoes in hand because ... well as she caption that particular Insta story, it's 'All signs of a good night.' We can't agree more -- we've all done that, right? What a lot of us haven't done is ask a friend to cut us out of our outfit.

Image: Instagram/@mindykaling

That's exactly what Kaling had to do, and she captured it all on video. Don't be alarmed when you see her female friend looming behind her clutching a pair of hefty-looking scissors. It's all in a day's -- or night's -- work for Kaling it seems.

Safe to say Kaling was soon freed from her very expensive and highly fashionable prison, despite laughing that it would take 20 to 30 minutes. Oh Mindy, ever the drama queen!

Here's to a fab woman who can keep calm and carry on despite facing an unintentionally revealing outfit situation -- and an overwhelming need to steal priceless jewellery.

Feature image: Getty and Instagram/@mindykaling