Doughnut-Shaped Chicken Nuggets Exist

The Donug is the crazy new food trend you need in your life.

When it comes to food trends you might think you're seen -- and tasted -- it all.

But there's more to wrap your mouths around than Cronuts (so 2014) and Vegemite-flavourite chocolate (so not nice). We're talking about the Donug.

It's a doughnut/chicken nugget hybrid and it is DELICIOUS.

A Donug looks like a traditional doughnut -- round, palm-sized with a hole in the middle -- but there's nothing sweet about this bad boy. One bite reveals a delightfully spiced chicken mince filling coated in a golden, crispy crumb. Drooling? Us too.

The Shark Tank sharks are hungry as well -- in the best way possible -- during Donug creator Crag Carrick's pitch in Tuesday night's episode. Steve Baxter in particular jumps out of his seat at the sight of the mouth-watering crispy chicken creations and you can't blame him.

Carrick, who has a hospitality background, and his wife Rachel Dutton, a chef, came up with the unique concept in their home kitchen. It took just a week for the Donug to be born. In fact it was after one of their first attempts that they knew they were onto something Carrick tells ten daily. Their hunch was confirmed when they sold over a thousand Donugs at a single event in Melbourne.

Carrick and wife Rachel in the tank.

We asked Carrick how to best enjoy a Donug. They're designed to be hand-held -- one Donug is a sizable 200 grams -- making it perfect fodder for sports matches or strolling around a festival or market he explains. You are more than welcome to enjoy your Donug sans sauce -- the flavours of the spices and the panko and cornflake crumb can stand on their own -- but the sauces on offer do sound bangin'.

Up first is a cheesy bechamel sauce with a hint of dijon mustard and chili flakes. Next is Carrick's favourite: a Japanese-style golden curry with mozzarella sprinkles. Then there's a classic hot chili sauce which Carrick tells ten daily is comparable to the wildly popular Sriracha.

Donugs are drizzled with or dunked in the sauce in a cheeky nod to the product's sugary sweet cousin. Carrick says that some customers can't get their head around the idea that something can look like a dessert but have a savoury taste. It is a bit confusing. But Carrick embraces the mystery surrounding the Donug. "Once customers take a bite it's a very different story" he tells ten daily.

You can't seem to move these days without bumping into another newfangled food trend so we asked Carrick how Donugs will stand out from the crowd. It comes down to wait time. While burgers, hot dogs, nachos and the like take time to make -- leaving you hovering nearby until your order is ready -- Donugs are hot, fresh and ready to go in an instant.

Not only do Donugs taste good -- and make for an awesome Insta pic -- but they'll feed your social conscience too. Carrick tells ten daily that the brand uses free range, chemical and hormone-free chicken along with as many organic products as possible. "We're offering fun novelty food that is still as ethical as we can make it," he says.

The anatomy of a Donug.

Like us you're probably chomping at the bit to get your hands on a Donug.

Exciting things are on the horizon after Carrick and Dutton appear on Shark Tank. There are even plans to take the crispy chicken treat overseas to the US and Japan. Local fans are encouraged to sign up to the mailing list for news on when Donugs will bless their neighbourhood with their crunchy, golden presence.

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